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massage à pont-de-beauvoisin

Care service in companies

Services offred

1-The seatted massage Amma :


Is a massage with 2 kinds of technics, one relaxing & one energizing, is it practical on dressed people without oil on a special chair, that's why it's the most popular massage in compagny, cause it's more convenient & efficient.


The mostly massaged areas are the top on the body (back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands & skull)


This king of massage lasts between 15 & 20 minutes:


• the 15 minute's one allows a consise protocol but efficient.

• The 20 minute's one allows a deeply protocol then we can focus on areas who need more attention.

2 - Targeted area massage :


This kind of massage is on a special table or chair depending of the areas to be massaged, it's with végétal oil.


With this one we can focus on a specific target dependind on the needs.

for exemple :


- The hands massage : for manual trade like hairdresser, cumputer scientits, artist, secretary & more. 

It give a joint comfort, reduces pain, help regain fingers mobility & stimulates blood circulation, which acts preventively on problems related to repetitive movements.


- The feets or legs one  for the trade like factory, sécurity & more.

It help to improve the blood & lymphatic circulation, that reduces pain, eleminates toxins & stop to stocking water. 


- The Back one for the trades like delivery man, building, all manaul trade.

It help to relax muscles, reduces pain on cervical & lombar, it good to improve blood & energy circulation.


This services are offred in 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

3 - The Onavi massage :


It's a  vibratory & wave massage come from Koréa it is practical on dressed people without oil on a massage table.


The massage therapist makes different series of movements to let go on the mind & shutting down mental control .


It works mostly on deeply muscles & body joints & help to relaxing body & mind.


It lasts about 1h.

Recurrence & performance

There are two kinds of sessions :


- The occasional session  allows to break up with routine & her inconvenience, this kind of session restores a more serene relationship with the team & partner, provide compensatory well-being & show the importance of experiencing a regenerative break.


- The recurent session allows a follow & more performant result with adding care at work, this kind of session help team & partner relationship, reduces the rate of absenteeism, reduces the sick leaves about small body ailments reduces stress & improve health. (this arguments are those of my clients when they choose recuring session in their companies & see themself this results).

Price & Conditions 

The price is making on quotation* cause it depends to differents conditions (number of people, time & frequency of session & where.)


But for exemple : for one session of 30 persons* with 15 minutes massages/pers on a 6or 7 hours session, 2 massages therapist in Chambéry, the price is : 25€ / massage so 750€ for all.


*once the conditions have been established with a approved quotation, the price can't be reduce by lack of attendance.


I operate in all Rhône-Alpes region in departements 73, 74, 01, 38 et 69.


I work with professionnal network of massage therapist so we can organize sessions in a big compagny & on many days. All the professionnal I work with are certify. 


there are several types of organization, some companies manage internally the planning & send me one day before, some prefer I send a planning to print & subcribe and some wants a planning on line.


Exemple of planning session :